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Alvin Toribio

Artist | VR Dev

I am very passionate about art and as I am very enthusiastic about technology. 




Academy of Arts University

Sept 2001 - Dec 2006

Studied Computer 3D Graphics - Games



Unreal Engine 4
Unity 5

3ds Max / Maya

Substance Painter / Photoshop
Javascript / Sqlite

-  Oculus Rift and Quest / HTC Vive / Gear VR

-  Level Build / VR / Blueprint / Prototyping
-  Level Build / VR / C#

-  Modeler / UV / Corona and V-ray
-  Basic level sculpting for game-dev pipeline 

-  Texture Edit and Creation
-  Discord Bot Ranking system


environment / technical artist


  • NDA: Vehicle Autonomy in Unreal Engine.


GMR Marketing
3D Artist


  • NDA: ( Oculus Quest 2 ) VR Demo conference experience in Unity for a Fortune 500 company


Cisco Systems
3D Artist


  • Converting and creating 3D models from Cisco's product line into 3D viewable web format models ( Sketchfab )

  • Cisco Products in Sketchfab

  • (Oculus Quest 1 ) Lead VR project prototype demo for Creative Director.

3D Artist


  • NDA: Vehicle Autonomy Demo in Unity​


  • Prototyping inter-active demos for Leia's ground breaking stereoscopic touch display utilizing Unity.

  • Creating 3D models / editing ready made 3D assets for Art development for Unity.

  • Other task include, deploying APK builds for Android and creating PC executables for development iterations from Unity to Leia Display Platform.

  • Miscellaneous; Basic programming / basic code editing in Mel, Python for Maya; C# and CG shaders for special projects in Unity. Help pipeline export and trouble-shoot character animations for animators from Maya into Unity.


  • Optimizing 3D assets, rendering lighting passes and creating cinematic fly-thru animation from a large scale 3D model plans into a real-time graphics engine ( Unreal Engine 4 )


Baymax Dreams


  • ​Creating and preparing 3D models of interior and exterior assets into environments renders based on Architect's and Interior Designer's drawing specifications. All project progress from concept to final, Unreal Engine 4 / 3DS Max with Corona / V-ray are all utilized.

  • Lead product and research developer for real-time graphics / Tech Graphics communicator for Architects /designers and clients.

  • Lead VR developer. VR evangelist for company designers and for visiting special potential / VIP clients. -Basic Graphics duties include; compositing architectural renderings and creating CGI Animations using 3DS Max with Corona or Vray.

  • Tech App Product developer and Jr. Product App Salesman for our client's sales tools ( 181 Fremont St. Residential and Commercial at San Francisco )


  • ​Converting Architect's design models or initial massing designs from Revit/Sketchup to Unreal Engine 4 for Real-time and VR Demo ( HTC Vive ) as an integration for virtual design pipeline for clients.

  • Basic Gear VR ( Unity 4 ) App Management, Code Editing and App Deployment

  • VR App Developer for investigating other possible VR application for Architects and Marketing Clients.


Sony Playstation 3:  " Sly Cooper 4: Thieves in Time "

  • worked closely with game play designers, texture artist, concept artist and programmers through out level progression

  • managed creation of environments, props and lighting and play-test. 

Nintendo Wii:  " Mystery Case Files: Malgrave Incident "

  • worked closely with game play designers, texture artist, concept artist and programmers through out level progression.

  • managed creation of environments, props and lighting and play-test. 





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