3ds Max | Unreal Engine 4

181 Fremont 52 FLR

Jay paul

7   /   3   /   2021

​Located at San Francisco California,  and one of our client's crown project is the 181 Fremont Building. 

This project was meant to illustrate to our clients on how the panoramic view of San Francisco would look like on the Residential 52nd floor. As you can see its quite spectacular.

My responsibility for this project was the initial set up for the reference 3D footprint of this interior space,  modeling, exporting and lighting was main duties for the first pass of this floor.

I've used 3DS Max and Unreal Engine. After the first pass process, it was handed off to another artist to further refine the materials and props ( furniture ) that goes into this space-- 2nd pass interior to final refinement and interior design was done by Dana Jakobson. 

This current version you see here now is a 2nd version pass and I decided to change the lighting, post process and material just a bit. 


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