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Baymax Dreams

01   /   03   /   2018

   I can safely say that this is one of my highest hi-profile project that ever I worked on-- so- I was quite excited and I even got more excited when I found out that it was a top secret project between Unity Technologies and Disney.  

   I can honestly say that I really work incredibly hard for this project. My role in this project was pretty much part of the prototyping process, and the part of the environment creation for Baymax.  All of the environment assets was all created with Maya and then imported into the Unity Engine. 

  The purpose of this top secret project was to find out if it is possible to use a game engine to produce three animated shorts for one of Disney's IP - which is Big Hero 6's Baymax. 

    I was on board for about 3 months or so and we are able to produce three short animations and my environment was used quite intensively- which I was so proud of. 

Behind the Scenes


    The project was so top secret that even the people at the Unity office in San Francisco doesn't even know what we are working on- it was quite fun.  

    Our first few weeks, we were all cramp in a very small storage room for the sake of secrecy ( yes seriously )  It was small but Unity's perks like different day catered lunch meals really helped ease the pain quite a bit and cafeteria was fully stocked :) 

   Even though I only worked with my team for 3 months-- it was a lot of fun! and hey! if you watch the Behind the scene video below - I should be in 2:45 Hi Mom! 

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Behind the Scene

The Baymax Dreams Shorts​

     Here's all of the 4 shorts, I think most of the scenes, my environments have been used which is the dream state version of San Fransokyo when Baymax is resting.  

The Emmys!

     As part of all the hard work we did, Unity Technologies and Disney was awarded an Emmy for the advancement in Technologies and  Engineering for Baymax Dreams.  It was quite an honor to be part of this team and I am just as glad that I am part of this amazing project. 

Here's the full read of the article, please click the link below. 

Unity wins its first Technology and Engineering Emmy® Award



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