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Maya | Unreal Engine 4
Oculus Quest


11   /   06   /   2020

​This scene started out as an old Sandbox scene for testing lighting, shader experimentation and trying blueprint events. In this case, the last test I was doing for this scene is UE 4.25's new lighting system. 

   After playing around with UE4's new lighting system- I decided to polish out this old Sandbox scene and turn it into my first public VR environment for everyone to enjoy. 
   This environment is heavily inspired by the Maldives Islands, it's a small environment- for the sake manageability . I did my best to match up the brilliant blue gradient waters of the Maldives Indian Ocean and I'm pretty happy on how it turned out but not quite satisfied.

   On the technical side, I really do need to have better caustic effects and accurate refraction for the water. The water refraction is turned off due to frame rate cost and it is also off because I wasn't happy on how it looks on my VR headset. ( I may need to do more research for UE4's refraction in VR  ) 

  As for assets, I had to borrow some small plants and textures from the Quixel library, ( Bridge ) I must say, I am glad Epic and Quixel decided to partner up-   It's quite handy! 

  So feel free to download my first public Oculus Quest VR Demo. At the moment, it's running on a decent frame rate on my Oculus Quest /w Oculus Link Cable. I had the real time shadows turned on but I decided to turn them off in favor of having a smoother frame rate. 



Nvidia 2070 GPU
Oculus Quest and Oculus Link Cable
HTC Vive ( not tested ) 


Press Q to Quit the VR Demo

Download Link

serriffe Sands VR ver 00.01.00 download



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