Maya | Unreal Engine 4


1   /   3   /   2021

This is a working progress project I decided to start. I feel like that I needed to practice and needed to add some more organic environments  such as a forest. 

I do a lot of urban environments which tend to be straight and very linear.  I think switching up from straight line to curves is a good change and a good challenge- 


UE 4.26 
GPU Lightmass ( Static Lighting ) 
Raytrace: reflections only
30 FPS ( GPU GTX 2070 )

Angkor | Production Render

1   /   3   /   2021

This is my first attempt to learn Zbrush and having it integrated it into this environment. I really enjoyed using Zbrush and I will be using it a lot more in my future projects from now on.  I just wish I have used Zbrush a lot sooner in my projects. 


Substance Painter

Greybox and Lighting Test

2   /   2   /   2021


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